Group Tools

Group Tools for your business to manage groups. 

Organising and managing a group booking for both you and your customers is a tedious process. We have developed a system to make group bookings a please for both the business and the organiser.


See who paid, when they paid, and who has not paid. who has paid

Managing the booking process can be difficult when you are relying on an organiser. Now you have full control! You can see who the organiser has invited, how many invitees are for each event and how many have paid. You have full account overview for every group booking in your business. Full control is in your hands allowing you to make informed decisions based on fact.



send emails group Easily send the group emails.

Send a mass email to the entire group at the click of a button. Keep the entire group updated about their booking with any relevant info.





Easily add packages at several price points. Add packages - group Tools

Group bookings are never easy with several different packages under the same booking.

Add as many packages per group booking and allow them to pay for the one that suits them on checkout.




add reminders - group toolsSet up automatic reminders  for the groups.

We can automate all the manual processes you might normally do. Have set reminders to be sent to everyone or just the group leader after certain actions, dates or timelines have been reached. This feature alone can streamline the whole booking process so there are no problems. Automate room lists, terms and conditions, reminders about what equipment or clothes to bring, the list is endless.




Add the payment due date. (Get paid in advance of arrival) Payment Due Feature - Group Tools

Your customers will never forget a payment due again!

Once you input when you must be paid by, our system will automate all reminders up until that date, and even after it, depending on how you want it configured. If your customers are paying late you can even chose to charge extra for late payments! You will never have to call a customer or send a manual email to remind the due payment.



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