How to Attract More Visitors to your Hotel Website



Are you getting the most out of your website? In today’s online world your website is your primary marketing tool. Getting your website right is an absolute must for any business.

However having a really great website is only half of the battle. You could have the best website in the world with amazing content; but if your website isn’t getting enough web traffic all your hard work and effort will have been for nothing.




High Ranking from Google

In order for your website to generate a large amount of web traffic you have to make sure your website receives a high ranking from Google.

Google ranks websites by using two methods and understanding the differences between the two is crucial when trying to increase your web traffic.

The first method focuses on the relevance of the website in relation to a person’s search. The second method is called the authority method and Google uses this method to determine how important your site is to an individual’s search.

The authority method will analyse both the content of the website and the types of links a website has. So the more quality links your site has the higher its ranking will be. Make sure your website is linked to as many high ranking sites as possible.


“Increasing traffic to your website can be a fulltime job. But it doesn’t have to be.”

Penny C. Sasseviera

Penny C. Sasseviera in her article, How to Drive more Traffic to your Website and Blog, gives three very good tips on how to increase your website’s traffic.

Tip 1: Have social content on your website. This could be a blog, a forum, or social networking. For example you could blog about a new group payment system your hotel has invested in, which makes booking and paying for group events much easier.

Always let potential guests know about investments your have made in order to enhance the guest experience in your hotel.

Tip 2: You need to consistently and frequently provide fresh content for your website. Make it your goal to have fresh new content for your website every week. I know the idea of producing fresh content every week is daunting but it’s not as hard as it sounds.

If your head chef creates a brand new menu why not upload the entire menu to your website? If you have a concert or conference taking place at your hotel, get the details up on your website. All this information is important and it all counts as fresh content for your website.

All search engines including Google love new content. The more content you provide the higher your site’s ranking will be.

Tip 3: Get your hotel on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Experts in the area of search engine optimization (SEO) call these big social media sites, feeder sites.  Meaning they direct web traffic to other sites. If you haven’t all ready make sure your social media pages have a link to your main website.

Use Keywords Strategically

When it comes to keywords make sure your keywords are in places where both the search engines and potential guests look for them. Such as in title pages, headlines, and meta tag descriptions.

Optimize Your Mobile Site

The introduction of smartphones has dramatically changed how we engage with the internet. We now use our phones much more than laptops or desktops to search online. So when designing your hotel’s website you have to bear in mind a lot of people are going to be using their smart phones to see what your hotel has to offer.

Remember search engines use phone numbers to provide local search results, so include your phone number as a HTML text. That way, it can be read by search engines. Also focus on shorter keywords; no one taps out long search strings on a mobile device.





The first chapter of this ebook has sought to provide you with good practical advice on to get the most out of your hotel’s website. It is so important for your business that your hotel websites gets a high volume of web traffic. The more traffic you get the more guests you get.