About Us

We’re on a mission, to make group bookings easy  for organisers and businesses. No stress!

At GoGroupBooking we help businesses grow their group bookings and manage them with less input. Over the years we have refined our process over and over to ensure we can harness every bit of value that is currently lost through group bookings.


So where did it all start..

Back in 2009 our founder, Dean Gammell owned a travel company and was frustrated with his group bookings. Trying to have all members pay the company in advance of their departure date was a challenge. The methods used was of a manual process and took a lot of resources. After researching everywhere to find a solution,  a new department was formed to solve this age old problem, organising the group bookings efficiently. We set out to develop our own software.

Once the system was developed and implemented within the business it was not long before word spread fast about our group tools. The business tripled in size that year as more and more group organisers seen the benefit in using our automated system to manage their group booking online rather than manually themselves.

We knew we could change the face of the group travel industry with our tools and began to do so when more and more companies came knocking on our door interested in using our system.

GoGroupBooking has grown significantly over the years and now provides a host of tools to manage and grow your group bookings with less work than before. We are on a mission to make group bookings easy!