The gogroupbooking system is fantastic! It makes life so much easier. I couldn’t imagine trying to have members of
a group pay in advance for their accommodation without it. We deal primarily with groups booking package deals with
accommodation being our focus. It is necessary to have groups paid in advance and the gogroupbooking
system makes everything less stressful. It is straightforward and easy to manage and totally invaluable to our business.


Manager – Hen and Stag Carlingford
Event Company


Aishling Carey
Reservations Agent – Flannerys Hotel

​It is quiet easy to use. It is always good to know that the groups are paid in advance and this helps with wash down and
knowing if you have cancellations in good time.

It is very easy to follow once you have your first group set up. It takes on average about 10-15 minutes to set up a group
and do payments etc however group enquiry form is a great assest and it quick and easy to use and saves us re-tying
the same thing on a daily basis.

Customer Feedback it very good. I have had a few queries and problems since setting it up but they have been fixed
almost immediately and always a follow up afterwards to make sure everything was in working order.

“We have been using Go Group for 6 months and couldn’t recommend it more. Its functionality and professional
formatting really speed up our quotation/conversion process. Keeping on top of existing bookings is aided greatly by
automated emails and an easy interface. its customer support is also top class!”

We started packaging Hen and Stag Parties in Sligo. We thoroughly researched all products on the market that
incorporated a group payment feature and go group was the stand out product. The quotation and booking system
saves an incredible amount of time – it simply would not be feasible for us to book the number of parties we are booking
without the system.

We have surpassed our expectations in the volume of bookings we are quoting and converting. A detailed/professional
quotation can be delivered from go group in a matter of seconds. It can be converted to a live booking in the same
amount of time. The time saved and the professionalism go group provides is significant.

The support at go group is a very high standard – very quick at resolving issues.”


Fergal Quinn
Director/Manager – Hen and Stag Sligo
Event Company